Non-commercial partnership Union (NPU) «Association of Divers» was founded on December 20, 2002 in Saint-Petersburg.

NPU «Association of Divers» unites, on a voluntary basis, enterprises and organizations, which use in their activities the work of divers. Currently the Association comprises more than two dozen enterprises and organizations from different regions of Russia and other countries.

The members of the Association are highly skilled and to carry out any underwater operations.
The Association has active business contacts with more than 200 companies from all over Russia.
The main objectives of the Association are:

  • to use the principles of self-regulation to manage and ensure the implementation of underwater operations of all kinds territory of Russia at a high quality level that qurantees safety for both people and the environment;
  • to ensure effective interaction between the diving community and the state authorities of the Russian Federation;
  • to assist in the development of promising scientific research and design works concerned with underwater operations;
  • to independently assess the fitness for use and to evaluate the quality of professional diving gear and equipment of different manufacturers;
  • to comprehensively support the veterans of diving works and contribute to the search exploration and popularization of the historical heritage of Russia in the field of diving activities;
  • to be active and promote professional education and educational diver’s programs for the guidance of the youth.

NPU «Association of divers» is an active member of the Interdepartmental Diver Commission (IDC) at the Marine Board of the Government of the Russian Federation.
According to the decision of IDC, the Association is defined as the parent structure for organizing the development and entry into force of the normative legal documents, regulating divers’ expertise the territory of Russia.



NPU «Association of Divers»

Office: 40-4/A, Pulkovskoe shosse, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
(TECHNOPOLIS business centre)

Tel: +7 812 240-48-53

Tel/Fax: +7 812 240-48-54 (secretary)

E-mail: npvodolaz@mail.ru


Chief of Staff of NPU «Association of Divers» — Sergei Lemeshko